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Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is a treasure trove of Newari art that lies hidden behind the concrete buildings that make up much of the city center. The ancient pagoda temples litter the streets while the Buddhist stupas stand majestically above the rest of the structures. The Palace Squares will fascinate any visitor with its exquisite wood carved windows.

Besides monuments, there are the surrounding hills to explore, which are excellent for panoramic views of the Great Himalayan Mountains. Few travelers have missed a chance to visit the Pokhara valley for its splendid placid lakes and scenic beauty. The Annapurna massif forms an eternal backdrop for the valley. Many a trek starts here in Pokhara and the Chitwan National Park is a short drive east of here. The park abounds in wildlife including a great variety of birds. Chitwan is also home to many endangered species like the Royal Bengal tiger and the Greater One horned rhinoceros.