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Himalayas, has always been a wonder, a subject to fascinating stories of adventure, myth, mountaineering, exploration. Many books have been written from the early times till date praising the mighty and beauty of Himalayas. Himalayas stretches from Afghanistan to Burma across Pakistan, Northern India, Tibet and Bhutan with a mass bulk of the great peaks in Nepal. Embracing nine of the world’s highest peaks certainly makes Nepal No. 1 Climbing & Mountaineering destination for the extreme adventure.

It is not just the height that gives the Himalayas their grandeur but it is also the tremendous contrast with the deep valleys that wind between the peaks. That is why, Nepal with only 1,47,181 Sq Kms land area wears physically a contrasting look with diversified attractions of wild life in deep forest of south in tropical feature to the unique vegetation of temperature and arctic feature in the high north.

Ever since the country was first opened to climbers in 1949, Nepal Himalaya has become a great theater of Mountaineering activity and their drama of success and failures have provided impetus to more men to meet the ultimate mountains.