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In Tibet there are various types of day hikes and short trekking, such as the walk from Ganden to Samye monastery taking 3-4 days, or trek to Everest Base Camp from Old Tingri, or trekking around holy Mount Kailash. The longer trek is of Kharta area, viewing the Khangsung Face of Mount Everest.

The other best place for trekking is South Shisapangma Base Camp, which is one of the 8,000m peak lying almost at the border of Nepal which can be seen from Kathmandu in clear fine day.

Treks or walks in Tibet will provide opportunity to experience the breath taking grandeur and beauty of nature. The walk on the Tibetan Plateau crossing high Himalayan Passes with constant views of the giant peaks, different species of birds and animals, meeting the nomads, passing old monasteries with Tibetan culture will be a highlight of this holiday.