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The Land of the peaceful dragon and often referred as well the land of Thunder Dragon is almost the size of Switzerland, the country like Nepal is a landlocked in between the giant neighbors Tibet, China to the north and bordering with India to its south-east and west.

Bhutan with its varied climatic conditions from the very warm area, alpine to the high arctic zone with high snow capped mountains. Bhutan habitats incredible scenery of wide range of flora and fauna making it a traveler’s paradise and its steeped in Buddhist traditions and mythology and the country seems to be caught in a time warp which is evident in the timelessness.

The country was closed for the outside world until early 1970’s, this last Shangri-La on earth is slowly emerging from centuries of self imposed isolation, despite the speed of modernizations, Bhutan has maintained a careful controlled policy of development in order to preserve its unique culture and national identity. Bhutan the only Himalayan Kingdom allows a limited number of visitors to enter this small kingdom, the most important thing about Bhutan is that it has retained its old glory, religious and cultural values despite encroachment of modern civilizations in every nook and corners of the world, its unspoiled majestic virgin snow capped mountains, and its unique cultural heritage preserved for many centuries  with its architectural style like no other, and a land of warm friendly people have made this country a truly mesmerizing destination.